Other academic experiences

Other academic experiences



Research/ Master-thesis: “Bona Politia” in Guelderland. Public peace, safety & order.

  • Topic: active-preventive laws in the 17th century, in specific in the field of public order, safety and upholding laws. The province of Gelderland was used as a case-study, compared to previously done research in Germany and France.
    Systematic analysis of 110 laws in Gelderland.
  • Quantitative analysis based on the previous orientation (graphs and tables) of the BA-thesis. Subsequently a quantitative analyses was performed in order to obtain knowledge on the motivation to issue active-preventive laws.
  • Research focused on the content of the laws with regard to public order, safety and upholding laws. These showed that the institution responsible for issuing and the type of laws correlated. Furthermore, the content of the law and the institution were in direct relation to the geographical area the laws could be enforced on.
  • The thesis has been marked with a 8 (out of 10).


2006 Research/ Bachelor-thesis: Bona Politia in Guelderland.

  • Topic: orientation on the existence of a form of laws in the Dutch Republic comparable to ‘politia’ (Latin term) or ‘policey’ (German term) which can also be found in Germany and France.
  • Systematic record and analysis of 395 laws with the aid of SPSS and statistical methods within this computer program. (Boxplots, histograms, correlations between date of publication, type of law and responsible institution).
  • Research showed that the laws present in Gelderland were active-preventive laws. They seemed to be more or less the same as the ‘Policey’-laws in surrounding countries; however, contrasting to these areas, a lot has been published on finances. About 1/3 dealt with public order, safety and upholding laws.
  • The thesis has been marked with a 9 (out of 10).

2005 – 2007


Attendant of a workgroup (training) on Early Modern Sources, under supervision of Dr. K.H. Stapelbroek.


2005 – 2006


Student/ Teaching Assistant Early Modern History, under supervision of prof. dr. R.C.F.
von Friedeburg.