2018 Organisor – jointly with Dr. Nicolas Simon (FNRS/ UCLouvain) – of the International Conference ‘Law & Order. The role of the institutions in creating the legislation in the Low Countries (1500-1700s)’ at USaintLouis (Brussels).  [Program here]
2016 Participating in the organisation of the concluding conference of the ‘New Monarchy’-project (since May 2014). Rotterdam 11-14 May 2016. Title: Monarchy Transformed. [Program MonarchyTransformed]
2014 Participating in the organisation of the ‘pre-conference/ workshop War and Economics 1648-1815’ with Prof. Dr. M. ‘t Hart (Huygens ING/ VU) and P. Brandon (VU), as preparation of the 2015 World Economic History Conference in Kyoto. 4-5 December 2014 at the NIAS. [NIAS announcement_program]
2011 Technical organisation and coordination of the ‘New Monarchy’-conference 2011 with Dr. Adrie van der Laan (August/ September 2011). [New Monarchy Program]