Presentations PhD

Presentations PhD

Invited lectures Regarding dissertational research (5)

  1. Romein, C.A. (2015)Nobles contesting the legitimacy of policy and rule in Jülich. Dutch Pamphlets and Assemblies in Cologne (1642-1652).”At: Barriers and borders in and beyond the Habsburg world: A transregional perspective,  hosted at KU Leuven on 19-20 November 2015.
  2. Romein, C.A. (2014). ‘Gulik: dynastieke belangen, oorlog en welvaart. De retoriek van de getrouwe patriot 1642-1652’: Gent, Koninklijke Zuid-Nederlandse Maatschappij voor Taal- en Letterkunde en Geschiedenis (22 maart 2014). (Language: Dutch)
  3. Romein, C.A. (2013). Fatherland rhetoric in lawsuits. Hesse-Cassel and the Reichskammergericht (1646-1655). Althusius Gesellschaft Tagung 2013: Confessional Paradigms for European Politics and Jurisprudence in the 17th Century?: Rotterdam (2013, May 15 – 2013, May 18).
  4. Romein, C.A. (2013). ‘Loyalty to the Fatherland’-Rhetoric, comparison between two German territories in early modern times (1642-1655). Seminario Científico “Los hilos de Penélope. Lealtad y fidelidades en la Monarquía de España (1648-1714): Madrid (2013, March 20 – 2013, March 22).
  5. Romein, C.A. (2013). Fatherland rhetoric in early modern Jülich and Hesse-Cassel (1642-1652/1655)/ Vaterland Rhetorik in der frühen Neuzeit, Jülich und Hessen-Kassel (1642-1652/1655). SEMINAR FÜR MITTLERE UND NEUERE GESCHICHTE, Prof. Dr. Marian Füssel / Prof. Dr. Manfred Jakubowski-Tiessen: Göttingen (Germany) (2013, January 29).

  Invited lectures regarding potential post-doctoral research (2)

  1. Romein, C.A. (2016) ‘Bona Politia in the Republic’ at: Research Group Contextual Research in law (CORE) at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (11 April 2016).
  2. Romein, C.A. (2014, 27 October) ‘Social Order’-legislation in the Low Countries. Policey in the Provinces of Flanders and Holland. (Seminar Herr Prof. Härter, Max-Planck-Institut für Europäische Rechtsgeschichte/ Frankfurt a/Main).

  Other conference presentations (last six years) (13)

  1. Romein, C.A. (2016), “The Use and Absence of Use of the Terminology of Patriots”.Monarchy transformed in Western Europe: its ‘reason of state’ and its opponents (1620s-1720s). Rotterdam, 11-14 May 2016.
  2. Romein, C.A. (2015) “The nobility’s vocabulary to express concerns regarding the perceived impact of Warfare and Taxations on Welfare: 1642-1655”.Kyoto XVIIth World Economic History Conference; August 2015.
  3. Romein, C.A. (2015)  “The office of the ‘loyal patriot’: protecting the fatherland in Jülich and Hesse-Cassel, 1642-1655) at: Names and Naming in Early Modern Germany, 7th Frühe Neuzeit Interdisziplinär Conference 5-7 March 2015 Vanderbilt University; Nashville, Tennessee.
  4. Romein, C.A. (2014) “Rhetoric and Economics: the Nobility’s Perceived Impact of Warfare and Taxations on Welfare – 1642-1655”. The Netherlands,NIAS, Pre-conference/ workshop: War and economy 1648-1815; 4-5 December 2014.
  5. Romein, C.A. (2014) “The perceived impact of warfare and taxations on welfare (1642–1655): the German principalities of Jülich-Berg and Hesse-Cassel in a comparative perspective with the French province of Brittany.”Workshop Munster: The impact of disasters on pre-modern rural economies: Consequences for the countryside in North-western Europe before 1850; 13-14 November 2014.
  6. Romein, C.A. (2014, 31 July) Die Terminologie von ‘Vaterland’, ‘Patria’ und ‘Patriot‘ in des unruhigen Zeiten des 17. Jahrhunderts.Jülich, Hessen-Kassel und Bretagne im Vergleich (1642-1655). Wolfenbüttel, Internationaler Wolfenbütteler Sommerkurs: ‘Die Bibliothek der Frühen Neuzeit als Raum der Ideen.‘
  7. Romein, C.A. (2014) “Criticizing the Prince and defending the “Fatherland”. Political Rhetoric in Jülich, Hesse-Cassel and Brittany, 1642-1655.” Promovendi-symposium Politieke Geschiedenis– 27 June 2014. – Referent: Dr. L. Behrish en F. Daudeij, MA.
  8. Romein, C.A. (2014, April 14).”Conditions to the estate’s use of ‘fatherland’ and ‘patriot’ in argumentations. Preliminary findings: the cases of Brittany, Hesse-Cassel and Jülich-Berg.” Hilversum,Huizinga Promovendi Symposium. – Referent: Prof. Dr. R.M. Esser.
  9. Romein, C.A. (2013). ‘Fatherland rhetoric in lawsuits. Hesse-Cassel and the Reichskammergericht (1646-1655)‘. 12. NachwuchstagungNetzwerk Reichsgerichtsbarkeit: Wetzlar (2013, november 22 – 2013, november 23). – Referent: Prof. Dr. T. Simon.
  10. Romein, C.A. (2013). ‘Early Modern Fatherland Rhetoric: it’s aims and interpretation(s). The cases of Jülich and Hesse-Cassel.’Expert-meeting with Vidi-“Proud to be Dutch”-group Nijmegen: Nijmegen (2013, oktober 30).
  11. Romein, C.A. (2013). Fatherland rhetoric in lawsuits. Hesse-Cassel and the Reichskammergericht (1646-1655).Althusius Gesellschaft Tagung 2013: Confessional Paradigms for European Politics and Jurisprudence in the 17th Century?: Rotterdam (2013, May 15 – 2013, May 18).
  12. Romein, C.A. (2013). Herstel van de orde. Loyaliteit en Vaderlandsrhetoriek in Jülich-Berg en Hessen-Kassel (1642-1655).PhD-Day Geschiedenis 2013, ESHCC: Rotterdam (2013, April 04).
  13. Romein, C.A. (2013). “… due to [our] continuous loyalty as the result of righteous and Patriotic affinity and affection to this beloved Fatherland and its inhabitants…” The use of Fatherland rhetoric compared in Early Modern German Territories (1642-1655). Erasmus Center – Research Seminar: Rotterdam (2013, January 24).