GoPublic! is short for Governmental Publications in the Low Countries. It is a project-idea launced in 2016. It is a cooperation between researchers from the Netherlands, Flanders and Wallonia to digitalise Early Modern archival sources and store these in a database.

It was originally called: Think-tank ‘Low Countries Governmental Publications c.1500-1815’

Related to the project described here, I found that there is no means to compare the Low Countries’ governmental publications issued throughout the area. Within my network I discussed this problem which led to the foundation of a think-tank of five people. We are preparing the launch of an e-Humanities database, and approach others to become involved. The database will include meta-data and original scans of documents, making them ORC-searchable, comparable and Open Access. It will open research possibilities for historians, sociologists, legal specialists, political scientists, and linguists alike. Moreover, it will offer researchers a place to put their sources as an extra layer to Open Access.

If you are interested in more information, please contact me.

More info will follow soon!