Grants & fellowships

Grants and Fellowships

Name Amount Year  
Dean’s Award for Multidisciplinary Excellence, awarded the Erasmus Graduate School of Social Sciences and the Humanities for the best multidisciplinary idea on 21 November 2014. Won together with Emy Koopman, Mark van Ostaijen. Honour 2014  
Fellowship 38th Wolfenbütteler Sommerkurs 2014, awarded by the Herzog August Bibliothek for participating in the Summer school. € 850,- 2014  
Dissertation grant from the Erasmus University Rotterdam: allowance to compensate for printing-costs of the dissertation. € 750,- 2016  
Graduation grant from the ESHCC (Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication) € 1400,- 2016  
Travel grant, from the University of Münster and Comparative Rural History of the North Sea Area (CORN) to participate in the workshop – covering the travel- and hotel-costs. € 150,- 2014
Travel grant from the University of Leuven for travel expenses and stay at: Barriers and borders in and beyond the Habsburg world: A trans regional perspective, to be hosted at KU Leuven on 19-20 November 2015. € 150,- 2015
Travel grant from the Vrije Universiteit Brussels for travel expenses to give a presentation at Research Group Contextual Research in law (CORE). € 150,- 2016
Travel grant from the 12. Nachwuchstagung Netzwerk Reichsgerichtsbarkeit Wetzlar for travel and hotel to attend the Tagung. € 160,- 2013
Travel grant from the University of Göttingen for travelling and hotel to give a lecture at the SEMINAR FÜR MITTLERE UND NEUERE GESCHICHTE of Prof Füssel and Prof Jakubowski-Tiessen. € 200,- 2013
Travel grant from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid for attending and presenting at the Seminario Científico “Los hilos de Penélope. Lealtad y fidelidades en la Monarquía de España (1648-1714). € 300,- 2013
Mobility grant Erasmus+ for the staff exchange with Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität (Münster). October 2015 € 480,- 2015
Travel grant for PhD-Candidates from the VanderBilt University for expenses: Names and Naming in Early Modern Germany, 7th Frühe Neuzeit Interdisziplinär Conference 5-7 March 2015. $ 750,-
(± € 600,-)
Research-grant Catherine van Tussenbroek-fonds (B-beurs) to enable archival research in the Rijksarchief of Ghent in May 2016. (Mei 2016). € 599,- 2016
Study-grant from Erasmus University Rotterdam – to enhance chances on the labour-market – earmarked to take courses. € 1150,- 2016
Study-grant from EUROPA (Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam Overleg Personele Aangelegenheden) – to enhance chances on the labour-market, earmarked to obtain the University Teaching Qualification (“BKO” – basiskwalificatie onderwijs). €2150,- 2015
Study-grant from the Erasmus University Rotterdam – to enhance chances on the labour-market –to take courses of choice. € 2480,- 2016
Total € 11569,-