Annemieke Romein (1984) holds a doctorate in (Early Modern) History. She has worked as a lecturer/ tutor at the Department of History at Erasmus University Rotterdam. She is currently working at the Univerity of Ghent (Belgium) – seconded by the Erasmus University Rotterdam (Netherlands). Here she works on a comparative research on governmental institutions of provinces and cities (1579-1701) in the Low Countries. Romein finished both her Bachelor in History and her Master in History of Society at EUR, writing her thesis on Bona Politia (good policy and law-making) in the Duchy of Gelderland (17th century). Having an interest in education, she completed her Masters of Education in both History and Social Studies at the University of Leiden and taught for four years at secondary school.

In April 2017 Romein was awarded a Rubicon Grant (NWO, Rubicon round 2016-3) for her research proposal: ‘Law and Order: Low Countries? The relations between provincial and urban institutions in state-building in the Low Countries 1579-1701.’ Using approaches from political-institutional history and legal history, this project will investigate how the Flemish and Dutch provincial and town governments interacted during the period 1579-1701 to facilitate order and safety, enforce the law and protect the state. This research is a continuation of Romein’s BA and MA-research (which was on the province of Gelderland). It is – like her dissertation – focussed on political communications, however, this research will focus on the political-institutions of provinces and cities.

In addition to the Rubicon-grant, Romein has been granted a Researcher-in-Residence Fellowship at the KB National Library of the Netherlands (The Hague) from May-October 2019. To learn more about this project, please click here.

foto: Roy Borghouts